climate models

Computer models are used to forecast future climate change.

Models incorporate a large number of "parameters" for climate properties and mathematical equations and use them to calculate an average climate and its changes. Both the parameters and the equations contain uncertainties whose quantitative values are mostly unknown. The choice of which parameter or equation to use is purely arbitrary. left to the judgement of the modellist. It is therefore hardly surprising, then, that the results from different models are very different.

They require billions of calculations and are very sensitive to initial input conditions and assumptions. A modeler can change assumptions to achieve any desired result. They cannot adequately include - of all things - the effects of the sun and clouds!  Computer models cannot at present accurately predict the future climate at all. They are the heart of the problem of global warming predictions. To see how a record of climate model predictions compared to the actual temperatures that later occured, click here and here. For interesting and useful comments concerning modeling, click here. 

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