There has been some concern about the reduction in the area of Arctic sea ice during the summer months, particularly in 2007. Some of this was obviously due to global warming, but another very significant factor was the change in wind and ocean current pattern during this time. Since then, during the summers of 2008 and 2009 there has been a shift back to normal conditions. Check this site during 2010 and beyond to observe future changes as they occur. Also, look at the sea ice maps of both the Arctic and Antarctic which are continuously updated throughout the year.

Contrary to common perception, there is no real "ice cap" in the Arctic, as there is in the Antarctic, but rather the ice consists of icebergs and floes in the ocean, which move around to result in a variety of forms in the summer months, when the sun shines 24 hours a day. This is further explained by New Zealand scientist Dr. Vincent Gray, an expert reviewer for the IPCC. In addition, read his NZ Climate Truth 56.

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While the Arctic was warming, the Antarctic has actually been cooling. Some scientists think that this was because of periodic changing patterns in the earths orbit and tilt of the axis, which causes a change in the effects of the sun at the poles. Another possibility is that the Arctic ocean is surrounded by land, which may tend to warm it, while the Antarctic land mass is surrounded by water, producing the opposite effect.

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     General information on the Arctic and Antarctic:



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