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It’s widely speculated and believed that Global Warming is a 100% man made phenomenon, mainly caused by C02, but the truth is not so simple. There are many other factors that are just as important that are elaborated on throughout this site. Experts are not unanimous on the subject, and currently debate this subject at great length.

The goal of ClimateChange101 is to grow awareness of the Climate Change debate, and to entice real people to explore, challenge and debate public opinion.

We do not have to agree or pick sides, do your own research and join the debate! That’s all we’re asking.

(2/2) While sea level has risen in some places, in others, the land has fallen, or ‘subsided.’ This can be due to human effects from underground mining or the extraction of water from aquifers, tectonic plate movement or other phenomena.

(1/2) Sea ice melt has been claimed as the next catastrophe – causing sea level rise. It turns out sea level rise is not such a simple thing to measure, nor is the apparent cause.

Polar bears are far more resilient than many ENGOs say. Their numbers have increased; they are very adaptive animals. This fellow looks well-fed.

Social Costs of Carbon are Skewed

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